Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thank You

One lesson this whole ordeal is teaching me is to be a receiver. I love is what makes me the happiest in life. I love doing little things for people I love to see them smile. Jason and I usually buy toys every year for needy kids around the holidays. We participate in holiday food drives. I love all of these. It makes me feel great to give to those in need. Receiving is not on my list of favorite things. I am not big on gifts TO me. Since Eli became sick, everyone has been amazing at helping and giving. A lot of it has been hard for me to accept, but I'm trying. Its not that I don't appreciate it, its just that I don't feel worthy of all the effort/time everyone is putting into helping out. I don't think I've ever done anything bad to deserve what happened to us, but I also don't feel like I deserve all the good that has happened either.

If you are one of the people giving donations, food, thoughts and prayers, thank you.

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gami chess said...

Rita and Jason
Just wanted both of you to know that we are still thinking about you and you are still in our prayers. Rita, I am ready to make that homemade macaroni and cheese anytime you get ready. Love you guys. Remember we are just a phone call away.

Love ya bunches!