Friday, January 23, 2009


Several days, or weeks...I honestly can't keep up with the passing of time right now....I wrote an entry about being uncomfortable with the number of people who have stopped in to read our story. I have now changed my mind; I'm starting to believe that this blog is part of Eli's legacy. It seems that many of you moms now appreciate your own kids more, even during those rough times. Perhaps that will prevent just ONE baby from being shaken in frustration? I would write 24 hours a day if that were the case. Or maybe its just to show you how precious your little one is; that getting up at 2 is not a chore, but a privilege. Maybe will you forget that there are dishes piled up in the sink and spend a few more minutes enjoying your daughter or son's smile. They grow up so fast; don't miss a moment of it. I wish I could go back knowing these things.... You don't know how much I wish that.... each and every moment would be treasured more...but I cannot.

I am at a loss right now; I have no idea where to go in the next 5 minutes, 5 days, 5 years.'s a good thing sometimes, but right now it is tough.


Erin said...

Thank you for making me appreciate my own kids more and the 3am wakeups and tempertantrums from a pre-teen

Anonymous said...

I wanted you to know I thought of you and little Eli today. And yes I really do hold my son a little longer before putting him to bed at night. - MSN mommy

Kelly said...


Just wanted you to know how you continue to amaze me with your love, courage, and commitment to Eli through your blog. Eli's story has taught me and so many others to appreciate all the "small things" in life more and more each day. Being a stay-at-home Mom is frustrating at times, but the most rewarding privilege I have ever had. I really think you should publish a book. You have a natural talent expressing your feelings through words and inspire so many of us daily. THANK YOU!!!