Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just a few pictures...

Today I designed my cards for my workshop next week.   They seemed to love the ones I did last month, so I hope these go over as well.   :)     The bottom picture is my poor Bandit.   He has a double cone of shame right now.   Hopefully he'll get to take them off on the 23rd when he gets his stitches out.    I have my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that this surgery works and we won't have any more nights at the emergency vet with a cat that can't pee.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

The weather is beautiful in Texas today, so we had to get out and take a stroll.   I have been wanting to go to the lake and take pictures of all the ducks, so that's what we did.   It was so fun and just being outside together was the best gift ever.  

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project 365 What HAPPENED?

I know, I know!   Where have I been?!   I have to confess, life totally got in the way of my picture taking and I'm wayyyy off track with my daily pictures.    I hate that and figured it would happen, but not this quickly.   :(    I guess it is good to be busy, but it was something that I really wanted to complete this year.  

So what's been taking up my time?   Well, Bandit has been sick yet again and we did a lot of back-and-forth with the vet and the ER vet.   We finally reached the critical point where we had to make some decisions and as a result, he had surgery on Wednesday.   He is home now, but has to spend some time isolated AND wear that lovely cone of shame for 2 whole weeks.   He gets his stitches out on the 23rd, but there is a lot of care between now and then.   He is not happy about being in the bathroom alone right now, but I go in and play with him as much as I can.   He is so sweet and loving right now; I'm beginning to think I brought home the wrong cat!

My class is also taking up a lot of time.  We have homework due at almost every class and it takes some time to complete.   I am not a huge fan of my instructor, but I like the content so far.  

The weather has also been a huge factor in picture taking.   It has been freezing down 32 degrees and below!    I have lost a lot of my tolerance to cold weather, so I can't get out and take pictures without shivering.    Texas isn't supposed to be this darn cold!  Brrr!

Finally, my stamping business is actually picking up as well.   Nothing to shout about just yet, but I do have some new customers that want to meet monthly.   I am also having a little success at selling some of my things at the consignment shop, so that takes time to do as well.

So, between kitty, work (still working part-time), class, and stamping, I am just struggling with time.  I need to go get ready for work right now actually.  :)   I'll put a few pictures below just to show a little of the last few weeks.

My sweet boy a few weeks ago.   It was so cold that even the kitties needed blankets!
 Our neighbor's big plant HATES the cold weather and totally crashed to the ground.
 One of the Valentine's cards for my recent class.
 What?   Freezing in Texas?  Yep.   No snow, but we did get ice on  a few days.   I hate that; if it is going to be cold, give me some pretty snow!

Here's one of the bookmarks I made to sell.   It is bright and sunny on these cold days and I love it!