Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Holidays are Here!

 Our new Christmas tree.   After years of fighting with the lights and each other OVER the lights, we broke down and bought a new pre-lit tree this year.   It is also self-shaping, so it was up and ready to decorate in about 15 minutes.   It felt strange, but I don't miss the hours of putting on lights!
 This year I am attempting to make my own dressing.  I even dried and cubed the bread!   It was a labor of love, so I hope our guests like it.  I used this recipe from because of all the great reviews. 
 Here's Eli's crab ornament from last year.    I found 3 new ones this year at Hobby Lobby and will try to post pictures later.   
 This is our first ornament as a couple.   I sent it to Jason while we were living miles and miles apart.    
I was playing around with the camera today and here's one shot of some of the shiny glass balls.    I love trying to photograph the Christmas tree.   Hopefully my pictures will get better with practice.  

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Great News!!!!!

I know, I know.   I'm horrible at updating over here.   I've been so focused on my Stampin' Up! projects and upcoming craft fairs that I've mainly been posting on my card blog and Facebook business page.    I do have a few things to share though!

First, Through Eli's Eyes is now officially TAX-EXEMPT!    We are thrilled to have that designation now because it allows us much more freedom to do fundraisers.   I am forever thankful to Robin and Wade, our awesome friends who donated their time to get the application together for us.   They ROCK!    

Second, there is an awesome new fundraiser going on that was brought about by some of my local friends.   Houston photographer Debi Gomez does an amazing calendar each year and chooses a children's charity to donate the proceeds.  My friends at Merry-Go-Round nominated one of our SMA organizations so this year's recipient is the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation!   You can check out the beautiful Hope Calendar here!   Please consider picking up a few of them as Christmas gifts to help support GSF and Debi's effort to fight SMA!