Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving 2009

Jason's Pumpkin
Rita's Pumpkin

Eli's Pumpkin

We were browsing at Kohl's today and look what Jason found!!! I don't really want to put up the tree this year, but he wants to, so at least we have this to put on in memory of our little man.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Waffle House Fundraiser

So many thanks go out to all the folks up in Maryland who worked so hard to make the Waffle House fundraiser such a success! Aren't the crabs and t-shirts AWESOME? They did an amazing job; with the 20% donated from the restaurant and customer donations, they estimate they raised over $1000! (I think you can click on the pictures for a larger, better view of the shirts. I love them!)

Thursday, October 22, 2009
We are so close to the halfway point for our goal! If you haven't donated and still want to, you can go here and it will have information and links on how to donate online or give you an address where you can mail a check. Thanks to the ladies from the MSN board who are dropping by wanting to help! You ladies are awesome!

Few more pics from the arboretum

These were all taken with our Canon Rebel XSi. I LOVE it. I am still waiting to take a class on how to REALLY use it and I'd love to learn how to do some editing too. Jason and I hope to make it our common hobby at some point. We do enjoy going and taking pictures together so for now, that's enough.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mercer Arboretum

I had been wanting to get out and play with the camera, so we headed out to the arboretum today to see if we could find any good subjects. I was happily surprised to find butterflies galore! It was AMAZING to say the least. We also got to see a rabbit, squirrel, two turtles, and a few birds. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Friends are AWESOME!

My wonderful friends in Maryland have come up with a great fundraiser for Unite! Brandi and her amazing friend Stephanie are having this dinner at Waffle House on Saturday night to help us make our goal of $5000. I love that we have friends who care enough do to this. I wish we could be there, but I know they will do a great job spreading awareness and raising money to help end SMA! Thanks ladies! Love you!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A few pictures from the last bake sale...

We did the baskets again! Best idea and made for a nice presentation.
Thanks to my friend Sara we had lots of loaves to sell...and we sold them all! One lady bought 2 to take to a bake sale she was supposed to have made something for! :)

One more shot of the tables...
I had fun doing the sales, but I am glad we are finished. I LOVE baking, but that was so much to do in less than a month's time. I'm glad we were able to raise some much doing something that I like to do though.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bake Sale #3

We had another great bake sale today! We raised $275 to put towards our Unite total! We had many people ask us about SMA so we were able to raise awareness AND money! I'll try to post a few pictures later, we used the same set-up as last time. I think I owe so much of our success to the time we put into making everything look a bit nicer and not as thrown together as some sales appear.

Thanks again to all our friends who helped with the 3 sales! We raised almost $1000 just doing bake sales! Can't beat that!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another way to help!

If you plan on doing some online shopping for the holidays, please consider using this website. You can access many different stores by going through it and a percentage of your purchase will go to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation and the effort to cure SMA. Pass it on to anyone you know who shops online!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sorry it is been so long. It's a tough time for me right now and a busy one on top of it. I've been doing some observations at schools, my second class started up this month, and we had another bake sale this weekend. Busy, busy busy!

We did good again with our bake sale. We had to stay out longer this time, but we still managed to raise $270! We have one more scheduled for next Sunday at the Crosby Wal-Mart and then we will be finished with that. I would still like to come up with one other fundraiser, but we'll see. I'm tired and my motivation to do anything is super low right now. The holidays are going to be hell. I'm already struggling just to deal with Halloween. I can't even begin to imagine Christmas and the few days after....then January.

If you haven't donated to Unite for the Cure yet, PLEASE consider donating a little if you can. EVERY SINGLE dollar counts. We lost another 9 month old little girl this past week to SMA. I didn't know the family, but I cried for them anyway because I know their pain. I feel it every day of my life. WE MUST FIND A CURE. The clinical trial that Unite is helping to fund is the most promising research out there right now and we need to make it happen. $5 or $ doesn't have to be more than that.... Please...