Friday, October 25, 2013

Hello? Anyone there?


It's been a while. Like a really long while, years in fact.   I had made this blog private because there was a lot of anger on here after we lost our Eli.  I haven't read that far back to relive it all again, but I know it's here.   I was thinking last night about how much I had enjoyed blogging here in the past and decided that maybe my heart had healed enough to try again.  Maybe...  No promises yet.  

I'm not sure if anyone will even be reading this, but just in case, I guess I'll update a bit.  In November of 2011 we found out I was pregnant.  I started to say we were having a baby but the pregnancy before that ended at 11 weeks with an ultrasound and the words no fetal heartbeat.   Pregnancy doesn't equal baby.  Not in my life anyway.   On December 19th, we went to have genetic testing to find out if our baby would have SMA or not.   That was my birthday.   I got a call on the way home that my mamaw had passed away.  Not so happy of a day.   On December 30th we found out that we were having a baby girl and she would carry the SMA gene, but would not have the disease.  Happy New Year!

On June 27 of last year, I had a family again.  My sweet Laila Elise was born and oh how life has changed since then!   

This is her now.  In two days she'll be 16 months old.  How did that happen?  Beats me!   I blinked and she went from a napping baby to a tantrum throwing toddler.   She's quite a Chatty Cathy and oh so smart already.   For my first story I thought I'd talk about bedtime.  Sleeps seems to be where we've messed up so far, so each nap (more on that later) and bedtime requires rocking.  But not JUST rocking...

Laila's List of Ways to NOT Go to Sleep, the October 25th Edition:
  • Practice saying every word you know, emphasis on EVERY.  Don't leave any out!   
  • Wave your lovey around.  It's great if you can hit the parent in the face as you do it. 
  • Point out and name each facial feature on the parent.  Be sure you poke them hard as you do this.  Really get your finger in their eye.  They LOVE that. 
  • Scream.  I mean loud too! 
  • Point at random things in the room.  Extend your finger, but also your whole body if you can. 
  • Try to grab anything near the rocking chair.  If you manage to get it, refuse to let it go.  
  • Pelvic thrusts!  
  • All these must be done while rolling and flipping around.  Make it hard for them to hold on to you.  Bonus points if you manage to get down and run! 
  • Finally, fall asleep and look so sweet that the parent tears up and just wants to hold you.   

Sounds fun, huh?