Friday, January 9, 2009

1/9 Night Update

We now have a confirmed diagnosis of SMA. We have plans to get a different type of feeding tube installed early next week and will meet with the Hospice nurse on Monday. We are hoping all goes well and if it does, we should have him home by Wednesday or Thursday.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog when you via Google Alert when you mentioned your son was being tested for SMA. I have two boys with SMA type 1 who are 11 and 7. I'm so sorry to hear that the diagnosis has been confirmed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or if just need a sounding board, please don't hesitate. You said you have Hospice coming in, and I respect your decision. There are lots of other families out here that have chosen the same path. is a good place to ask for support if you're ready.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for not editing my post properly! I meant to say, "I found your blog via Google Alert when you mentioned..."

Anonymous said...

Hey Rita,

I am so glad that Eli will get to go home soon. We are thinking about you guys out here. Miss and love you.