Sunday, January 11, 2009

1/11 Night Update

We are moving! Now that Eli is off the ventilator, our doctor feels that a private room would be of more benefit for him. It will reduce the amount of traffic in and out of his room, plus allow more of our family and friends to visit. We will be going down to the 8th floor, which is the awesome Roger Clemens floor! It is baseball themed and so cool! There was a lot of money donated to fix up that floor, that's for sure. It is so great to see that people don't always waste all their money on Hummers and big houses. I'm sure all the kids who stay on that floor love it; as parents we can really appreciate all that went into making it so amazing.

Eli had an okay day today, but I don't think he was in the bed EVER. Someone was rocking him all day long. He is super spoiled at this point, but I guess that's okay, right? His Auntie Crista said that just means he's loved. :) He is still on oxygen and boy does he hate that face mask! He is ready to go home and so are we. I HOPE his surgery doesn't get postponed tomorrow. Elective cases get bumped for any emergencies so that could create a problem. I am SOOOOO ready to get out of here!

The Ronald McDonald house here on our floor has been amazing for us. I would highly recommend that anyone who has anything extra to give think about supporting this wonderful cause. I know I will be doing my part to give back as much as I can. The volunteers keep it nice and don't get nearly the appreciation they deserve.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, im so glad you get to stay at the ronald mcdonald house; we stayed at the one in the hospital and the one that was a few blocks from the hospital when our daughter was in NICU. its nice to be able to be right there with them and not have to worry about driving, or food, or a bed to sleep in. im really glad you are there, although we'd all like you to be home, the ronald mcdonald house is a great place (and the people are all great too!)
id like to come see you guys, but im sick right now and dont want to be spreading germs. you guys will probably be home by the time im not contagious.
please know that eli and you and jason have been on my mind constantly, and that ive been praying a lot for yall.
love ya girl, call me if you need anything!