Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Zoo Pics

Not the best picture, but we could only see him behind the glass. He was 110lbs and 5'10" when he was born 4 days ago!
One of my favorite parts of the zoo! They are usually in the water but I guess it was too cold for that yesterday.

We stayed and watched the leopard for quite a while yesterday. What an amazing animal!

One of the tigers was actually out! I love the big cats but they are usually hiding when we go.

Sleepy Elephants!

Here are a few of the other giraffes. They are so beautiful.
I could watch the meerkats all day.

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Kelly said...

Hey Rita.......these pics are awesome! they would sure make some beautiful scrapbook pages. I don't think you should sell your scrapbook stuff....there are still many blessings in store for you and Jason! Don't give up hope.