Thursday, February 12, 2009

Opening Day

Today is going to be a very difficult day for me.... Astros single game tickets go on presale in less than an hour.... I have debated about going to opening day, but Jason thinks we should. I cried last night just thinking about it and told him I would probably cry the whole game. Sharing my love of baseball was one thing I was looking forward to when we had Eli. I knew it would take some time for him to appreciate it, but I was willing to wait. For those of you who don't know, we did the nursery in Astros/baseball. When we found out he was sick, I begged him to please stay with us long enough to go to opening day. I just wanted one game... I'm already crying trying to write this, so forgive any mistakes... Its just a sad day for me. I'm not sure watching baseball will ever be the same for me.


Crista said...

You guys need to go.. And know that he is with you when you go... Enjoy it for him... That is what he would want you to do anyways... I love ya..

mom said...

It's ok to cry. You just to remember he will always be right beside in what ever you do and where ever you go. He will always be right there. even though you are many miles away from home you are always in my heart and thoughts. it will always be that way with Eli he will never be out of our hearts and thoughts. so you go and enjoy that game . that's what he would want you to do.

Anonymous said...

He will be there with you if you go. And I'm sure he would want you both to go and be happy.


Anonymous said...

I agree - Eli would really want you to go. It is ok to be sad when you are there too :)