Monday, February 23, 2009

Projects and Donations

The crabs have been ordered! I was able to get 200 of them thanks to all of you who have donated money to help us with this project. I think there will still be some money coming in, so we will probably just go buy more from a local store and take them with the ones we are getting from the company. I'll update the final total when we take them up to the hospital. I hope they ship them in time for them to arrive by March 5th. We meet with Dr. Northrup, the geneticist, that day so I'd like to just take care of everything in one trip. We are getting quite a pile of things to take to Ronald McDonald House too! I'll post a picture of that before we take it up to the House next week.

My projects are all going well. We are almost finished with the first round of the crab project. I have sent 2 letters to our soldier so far and will be mailing out the first package to him tomorrow. My box for the food pantry is almost full so I will be delivering that soon. I also found a local women's shelter to donate the extra diapers and formula we have, as well as items I pick up free or cheap with my coupons. I have a bag with medicines, make-up, and assorted toiletries to include with the baby supplies.

I'm happy to be doing all of these things, but they still don't dull most of the pain we are feeling right now. I just hope we can keep up our good does help me get out of bed, so I am thankful for that if nothing else.

Thanks again for all of the support! We love helping others and I love getting some new people involved!

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