Thursday, February 26, 2009

Donations Update

I've turned the extra space in the dining room into a storage area for all the groups we are collecting items for right now. I got a good deal on these bins and it makes it so much easier to keep everything seperated and organized. The bin on the left is the food pantry bin. I still need to go through my pantry and finish filling it up so I can take it to HAAM next week. The bin on the right is the Ronald McDonald House donations. My awesome friends Heather and Adam brought 3 or 4 bags of goodies to help fill up this bin. I will be taking it when I go up there on Saturday.
The bin on the left here is the women's shelter bin. I've managed to find some great deals on shampoo and toothpaste, so this bin is filling up a little faster than I figured it would. I still have a few items in the closet to add in before I go donate it all next week. The bin on the right is the stash we have to send to our soldier. I'll start getting another package together soon and hopefully find some Easter items to include in there too.
Things are going great with all of this and I hope we can keep it up for a while. I'm getting better at find deals and using coupons, so I am able to get quite a bit of stuff for my chosen charities. I'm going to do a challenge in March for each of them... I will be spending $20 for each group, getting as much as I can for that amount. I get a lot of stuff free or really discounted, so it will be fun to see how much I end up with!


Pam said...

What a great thing you are doing! When I send my pop tabs I can include hotel soaps and such. I get a lot of those too.

Last night I stopped by Burger King and the had a fund raiser for MD. I donated enough for a gold crown. I wrote Eli's name on it. I will take a picture of it for you. Eli is being remembered at a little ole' BK in Roswell, GA! How cool is that?

I hope you have found some smiles today.

Murphy's Law said...

Rita, your efforts are astounding and continue to amaze me. You have chosen to do SO MUCH with the loss of your most precious Eli. You are an example we can all learn from.