Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ready to Make Care Packages!

Jason and I went shopping for our soldier yesterday and we will be putting together our first care package today! I'm so excited about it. We bought enough stuff to make packages for the first 3 months or so; I'll just pick up some odds and ends as I find them on my shopping trips. I'll post a picture of our first one before I tape it up. I can't wait to pick out items from this stash! We got a little info when we signed up; he had requested coffee, a mug, baby wipes, western novels, DVDs, and candy. I think we covered all that and much much more! I need to sit down and make a card to send this week too.


Anonymous said...

wow! look at all thats stuff!! he's gonna be so happy!! i think its great that you guys are doing this :)
love ya~

Kelly said...

Make sure you post a pic of the card when you make it! Looking forward to seeing it!