Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Soldier's Angels Update

I mailed this card to him on Saturday... It was from our cats. They all "signed" it and wrote a nice message introducing themselves. They even included a picture so he could see who they were. :o)
We managed to get all of this stuff in a large flat rate box and it is now on it's way to him. I hope he enjoys all that we sent him. I still have a bin full of other stuff to send and I'm looking forward to making up the next box.
We had to go buy a new lawn mower today. Our old one broke on Monday so we picked out a new one today. It has bigger wheels on the back than our old one did, so I hope it will be a little easier to push through the crazy Texas grass. We also went to Hobby Lobby and picked out quite a few silk flowers. I'm going to make 6 arrangements to go out on the cemetery. I hope they turn out okay! We picked out some beautiful red roses for Eli... I will probably go and buy a red rose bush to plant here at home for him too. I wanted to do it every year on his birthday, but I don't think August is the best time to plant those so we will do it near our anniversary instead.
We started trying to get back into eating healthy and exercising, so I'll be updating some of those efforts soon.
I totally forgot to mention the paint we got today! I get my craft room back now that we got the new washer/dryer and put the litter boxes in the laundry room. I went to pick out paint colors and picked up a few of those little cards... I looked at the names on one of my favorites and the one I liked was called Guardian Angel! We now have a gallon of it waiting to go on the walls of my room. I thought that was kind of special...


Anonymous said...

That looked like some nice items you are sending .I'm sure he will appreciate the nice deed you have done for him . And i'm sure he will get a kick out of the card the cats made and signed.Hope the mower works out. That sounds like a great color of paint you have chosen.The roses will do very well planting this time of year before it becomes so hot. The kep is plenty of water.Have a great day .

Anonymous said...

wow lucky soldier!! looks like a feast!! and what a great idea to have it be from your cats!!

oh and wow mowing the lawn in february! you lucky duck!! we might get 9 inches of snow today!!

the rose bush idea is great!!! they are soo pretty!!