Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bad Cat?

One of the last really amazing days I had with Eli we sat by the Christmas tree and talked and played for a long time. I was not able to upload the best video because it is too long, but this one was pretty cute too. I miss him so much; I'm glad we bought a video camera so we can see still and hear him.


Kelly said...

Hey Rita!

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gami chess said...

Rita and Jason,
The video is absolutely precious. We think about ya'll alot and keep posted by Crista. Everytime I make macaroni and cheese I think about you. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I had a thought in the middle of the night over the weekend. Maybe you could organize a 5K run in Eli's honor, with proceeds to benefit SMA reasearch, or whatever you would want it to. I was thinking you could do it on his birthday or near it each year, as a way to keep his memory alive and help fight SMA.
It was just a might be a huge undertaking, I bet someone who is involved in that scene in your town could point you in the right direction to get started on planning something like that.

Murphy's Law said...

Aw Rita, I can't believe how much movement he had in his head! He could turn it from midline to the left and back again. I don't recall Marshall ever being able to do that. I'm so amazed at how well Eli could do it - for a type I baby, that's really something!

Eli was a beautiful little guy. I'm glad you got the video camera too. You remain in my thoughts.