Thursday, February 19, 2009

I recently found a few other websites that have information on other children who have been diagnosed with SMA. One that really made me sad was a musician who had a son diagnosed and they were having trouble with all the medical bills that come along with the diagnosis. Here is some information about him, as well as a link to purchase the CD he made to raise money.

It is really amazing at the number of families out there who have been affected by SMA. It is very surprising how little is known about it and how most of us have never heard of it until it hits home. I hope those of us who blog can continue to spread the awareness and let others know of this horrible disease that steals away our children.

Again, if you haven't signed the petition, PLEASE do.

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Linda said...

I'd like to send a donation to help purchase the crabs. I didn't know if I should send it to the bank where the fund is set up. Would you please let me know. Thank you!