Monday, February 16, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta treat yourselves....



...and today we did! We usually take our tax return and buy something we've been wanting/needing but didn't want to go in debt for. This year we chose these and I am so excited. It will be nice to have more energy efficient appliances, but it will also free up a room in our house! The cats and their litter boxes took over my craft room when we made the nursery for Eli, so I haven't really had a place to work on my cards and scrapbooks. We are going to have the washer/dryer stacked, so the litter boxes will fit in the laundry room. I have wanted this for so long; it was the one thing that made me decide go to ahead with the purchase. It will be so nice to have all four bedrooms litter box free for a change.

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Kelly said...

I'm so jealous.........I would love to have a high energy front load washer and dryer! Did you get a good deal??