Monday, July 20, 2009

Long week coming up... Jason is working a couple of extra days so I have to fend for myself more than usual. I dread it, but I have plenty of school work to keep me busy. We have a test on Wednesday AND Thursday this week. Ugh! I haven't finished the book for Thursday's test, but it seems to be an easy read so I should be able to read the rest tomorrow. We are going to the Astros game tomorrow night. The Cardinals are in town so we'll see how that goes. I am not really following the games like I have in the past; my heart is just not into it now. It is so difficult to go to the games...I haven't made it through one yet without crying. I'll always be sad that my Eli never got to go to a game with me.

I am so sick of the chronic insomnia. I hate taking medicine to sleep because I'm so groggy the next day. I've tried about every sleep aid I can find and all of them cause that horrible medicine hangover the next day. I usually sleep okay once I finally fall asleep, but it seems to take forever for my mind to shut down enough for that to happen. These days I'd kill for a man brain...they never seem to worry about anything! I can't imagine what would happen if we could trade thoughts for a day... Our poor husbands would go insane with information overload and we would be shocked to not be planning the next hour, day, week, etc.

I'm off to try sleeping will be attempt #2, so I hope it works and I'm not up again in 20 minutes.


Lucy and Ethel said...

Rita, go to a good health food store (with knowledgeable folks) and ask for something to help with the sleep problem. There are all kinds of homeopathic drops and tablets for dissolving on/under your tongue (i.e, EASY). Melatonin is sometimes recommended, but my mother didn't notice any improvement after my dad died (not sure she gave it enough time).

Mention why you're having trouble sleeping, as there are likely drops for grief, too (I know there are some for different forms of stress). There are drops that are so specific, they're fun to read if nothing else. I saw homeopathic drops for Stage Fright and asked if they worked. The gal, who was very knowledgeable, said her husband had taken them before giving a huge presentation and was amazed (and relieved) at how well they worked. I got some for Matthew before he went off to college as a freshman, and he used them a few times in the beginning; he, too, was very pleased with how they helped.

When we need something (mostly for allergy), we hit the homeopathic stuff first. They have no side effects and are usually reasonably priced.

Good luck on those tests!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, like Lucy and Ethel, I was going to recommend melatonin for you. I know people who have great success. Of course it is hit or miss as things work differently for everyone.

Rita said...

I tried melatonin back in Jan/Feb and didn't have the best of luck with it. I guess I can try again and see what happens. I already have it, so it is easy to start taking it again. I think getting some exercise in and tiring myself out would help too.