Friday, June 19, 2009

Some days, it is just hard to get up and go. On Tuesday I came across another family with a little one battling SMA. Jennifer's post that day had Jason and I both in tears. It hurts to see someone else having to go through losing their son. I was happy to see that Ryan has had some better days since then and I hope they can have more time to enjoy that cute little boy.

I wish I had some way to stop SMA from continuing to take babies away from their loving parents. I'd glad multiply my own pain to save someone else from ever having to feel it. Yesterday another little girl became an angel, ending her battle with SMA. She was around the same age as our Eli. Babies shouldn't die. They really should not die.

It almost makes me crazy to sit here and read about newly lost babies. I feel like I should be able to do more to make it stop, but I don't know what... If we had enough money directed at research, could we really find an end to this? If so, how do we make more people care enough to donate? It just doesn't help the hurting to feel so helpless to stop it.

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Anonymous said...

Reading the part about how you would multiply your own pain if that would mean someone else wouldn't have to suffer just goes to show what a wonderful person you are. If there were only a few more people like you in this world what a difference it would make. I know I'm just a mere stranger to you but I just wanted you to know that you and Jason are thought of daily and thank you for sharing your beautful Eli with us.