Monday, June 22, 2009

I've always known Jason was the perfect man for me, but I got a big reminder this morning of just how true that was. I left a bit late for school and had to be there on time because we had a test scheduled for today. The teacher locks the door at the start of the test and if you are late, you go on home and enjoy the zero you got on the test. I was driving and noticed a squirrel in the road. It had been hit, but was still moving its back legs and tail. I had a complete meltdown. I wanted to stop and see if I could do anything, but I had to be at school. I called Jason near hysterical to see what I should do. Being the amazing man he is, he tried to calm me down and when that didn't work, he asked where the squirrel was so he could get up and go see if he could save it. I wasn't sure I was okay with that, but he eventually talked me into it.

He got out of bed, grabbed the shovel, and went to find my squirrel. It had died by the time he made it there, but he still scooped it up and moved it off the road. After him assuring me that it had not been hit again but had died anyway, I guess I am okay. I just don't deal with death that well right now and even though it was *just* a squirrel, wasn't JUST a squirrel to me. I'm sure he moved it knowing I would probably have another breakdown coming home if it was still in the road.

All I can say is he loves me. I can imagine that whole scenario being played out with some other couples I know and there is no way the men would have gotten up and done that for a "stupid squirrel". So if you read this sweetie, thank you and I love you so much. :o)

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