Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Through this journey of grief I have met several other moms who lost their babies to SMA. They are all amazing women and it makes me sad to know they once experienced what I am going through now. I already told you about my great friend Laurie, who I have now adopted as my long lost sister, but before I go to bed tonight I'd also like you to meet Helen. She lost her Jeffery to SMA and like me, she shares her story, along with the stories of many others on a blog. She took the other path, the one I'm not willing to go down right now, so I'd like to share a recent blog post from her. She recently wrote one about us and Eli, so be sure to read that one too. While I love the SMA community, I hate what brought, and continues to bring, all of us together. Our kids would have had some awesome moms (and dads) guiding their way through this life.

I thank each and everyone who has reached out and shared their stories and tried to help me on my path to healing. I hope I can do something in the future so that you all can know how much it means to me. ((HUGS))

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Murphy's Law said...

Helen was the very first SMA mom I ever talked to (emailed) when Marshall was first diagnosed. I adore her. I would love to meet her some day (and you too Rita!) You are both such special ladies to me (yah, sisters, I like that!)

Love ya Rita.