Monday, April 20, 2009


We need a hobby to provide some distraction, so we bought a cool new SLR camera today. I'm SO excited and can't wait to sign us up for some classes! Here are a couple of pictures I snapped tonight just on Auto mode. I love how grumpy Bella looks.


Anonymous said...

looks like you are off to a good start! bella is just grumpy because you arent sending her to hairdressing school :P you know how she loves playing with your hair!

Softangelkisses said...

Hye Rita, what kinda of camera did you get? I have a cannon and am just learning to use it! Have fun!

Rita said...

We got a Canon Rebel XSi. I am in love with it already and am still clueless on half of what it can do! LOL

Lucy and Ethel said...

That is too funny! Bella will be a perfect target, um, subject.