Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jason has been working hard this week!

My Easter Rose Bush!
My craft room. It is a very very light purple. I love it!

Today's project: Before

And after! We went and bought a truckload of little rocks and are going to use those as our landscape borders now. I still have to finish trimming the hedges. I had a rough day with that. It took forever to trim two of them and I finally got mad and threw the trimmers across the yard. I went and bought an electric trimmer and I'll be darned if I didn't catch the electrical cord on the first hedge. I will have to run and grab another cord tomorrow and try it again! It was just one of those days I guess...
We are going to take the grass that Jason dug up and put it out at the cemetery so Eli's grave isn't just bare dirt. It will be nice to know that the grass that covers him came from his home.


Murphy's Law said...

Looks great, Rita!

I love the idea of taking Eli's grass back to him. You are so intuitive and thoughtful.

Big hugs today and always.


Anonymous said...

the yard looks great sweetie! and i too, think that taking the grass to Eli is an awesome idea. love you to pieces, and i miss talking to you as much as we used to, but im glad that you are being productive, i think thats a good thing.