Friday, March 6, 2009

Ways to Help

Many of you have went and signed the petition to cure SMA. If you want to do something else, please check out Victoria's post on other things can you do. If you have a place you can post a flyer, please consider doing that. (you can download it on #2 of her list) I almost hate the days that the number of signatures goes up a lot; it usually means another child has died. Let's work together to get the number up without another child having to die to do it.

I think the most difficult part of SMA is the helplessness that comes along with it. We all know that research is needed...and funding is needed to make the research happen. Unfortunately, most of us don't have millions of dollars tucked away that we can pull out and donate. It hurts to know that something as simple as money might the the big obstacle standing in the way of a cure. Money... so unimportant to those who have been diagnosed or lost kids, but so important to helping wipe out this horrible killer. I cry on the days I see people wasting millions on houses, cars, etc. It breaks my heart that those who could make a difference are not interested. It hasn't affected them, so there is no reason for them to care.

The "good" thing is that most of us SMA moms are very determined... Even though it hurts us to talk about and go through SMA every day, we do it. We do it in hopes that the awareness will help others, that the word with get out to people that DO care and maybe the funding will increase. If we give up our hope and hide from SMA, who will spread the word and raise money? Nobody. So we go on and work against it, fighting through our pain and sorrow, in hopes that we can make a difference. In hopes that we can stop other moms from having to feel the same pain we feel. Right now, hope is all we do have....

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mom said...

Thank you Rita for posting this article i will be more able to get more signatures by taking the signature sheet with me different places i go to sing starting tomorrow. I hope you had a better day today.