Friday, March 20, 2009

Support a fellow mom dealing with SMA

Do me a favor... If you have a young girl in your life who loves wearing bows, please consider buying one from Gina at Larkie Lu Bows. I found her website today and I hope I can send some support her way. Her daughter has both Down Syndrome and SMA and she makes the bows her help support her family; she also donates 10% of her sales to FSMA for research.

Blogging is one way to raise awareness of SMA and to support those who try to help fight against it. I feel it's important to pass along websites like these to help out parents who have kids with this horrible disease.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rita. My husband and I met you and your husband in childbirth class. I found out about Eil and your story through KU and I cannot find the words to express my sorrow for your family. Eli was such a beautiful baby! Your story has really opened my eyes to this horrible disease and I am doing my best to spread the word about the petition. We had a little girl and I have been meaning to get her some bows and now I know where I will get them all!