Sunday, March 15, 2009

Two Months...

The 2nd and 14th of every month will be hard for me...probably for the rest of my life. It is always a day to reflect on the death of Eli and how things have changed since he left us. I still find things that we bought for him every week. I keep thinking I have put it all in his room, but then I start cleaning and find something else. Last week it was his medicine and bottle cleaner, this week it was the baby food making kit I had bought. I still cry when I walk by the baby department the stores. I hate getting emails to tell him how old he should be. I hate thinking about what could have been...

It is amazing how much he changed our lives in the short time he was here. It was much too short of a time though.

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Murphy's Law said...

Lots of love being sent your way, Rita.

Every time I see that picture of Eli on my frige, I think of you - not just because he looked entirely like you, but because of the person he helped you become.

Hang in there.