Monday, March 23, 2009

Cemetery Flowers

flowers I made for Jason's brother, Shawn
Jason's grandparents
My little creation for Eli
flowers for Jason's mom, Pam
flowers for Jason's dad, Greg
I have had a rough weekend and Jason realized I needed to go out to the cemetery. He helped me finish up the flowers I was making to take out there for all his family and we headed that way this evening. It was so peaceful and calm out there. Eli's wind chimes are still beautiful and played some music for us while we were there. On our way back to the truck, I snapped a picture of this beautiful flowering tree that was in the cemetery.

I hope the flowers look okay. I'm definitely no expert at flower arranging, but it seems nice to make them myself to take out there. My next project is to make a few extras to take with us on our next trip. There were a lot of graves out there that had nothing beautiful on them. I can't afford to do all of them, but maybe a few at a time. It makes me sad to see them neglected and bare.


Anonymous said...

The flowers are BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

I think your arrangements are gorgeous! You are a talented crafter!

Love ya

Anonymous said...

they all look beautiful, you did a really good job :)

Murphy's Law said...

They're pretty, Rita! I felt so sorry for Jason reading that. He has lost his brother, both parents, and most importantly, his son!? That's a lot of loss. Tell him I'm thinking about him. (And you know you are always in my thoughts as well!)

May no one move your rattle or eat your chocolate bar today!

Love ya.


Kristin said...

they are so beautiful, you did a wonderful job! i miss you guys, and I hope you are both doing well. I am looking into having t-shirts made in memory of Eli, I will let you know how that goes. I love you both very much...


mom said...

Rita you are so gifted at so many thing you do. Mom is so thankful for the tender heart that you have.Doing flowers for others graves makes me so proud of you for youre kindness for other families. That may not could afford flowers.