Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yesterday I went with Crista to the Ronald McDonald House; she was interviewing to volunteer. I was so glad we took a tour of the stand-alone house down in the Medical Center; it is a truly amazing place. It made me feel great that we were able to use our tragedy to help them; THANK all of YOU for being willing to donate to them in honor of Eli. They have a huge kitchen that each family can use to prepare meals, a play area both inside and outside, laundry facilities, an awesome game/movie room for older kids, and a classroom for those kids who need to keep up with their education. While we were there, a church group came in and made breakfast for all the families and some of the families were shuttled to the rodeo to get a break away. It was nice to see people bringing in donations and willing to give up their time to help out these families in need. It gave me back a little faith in humanity.

Crista and I have decided that instead of just getting together for dinner, we will do a family night and go make ice cream sundaes with the families down there. We will need friends to come help out too, so be on the lookout for that so you can swing by and scoop some ice cream! We did pick up some little houses to put the soda pull tabs in, so please let one of us know if you need one to put around your work or house to save them for us.

On a different note, overall, yesterday was a bad day for me. It was an angry day and for me, those are the hardest. I hate being around people and just want to break things. Jason and I talked a minute last night about getting a punching bag and I believe that's a great idea (help me watch for a good deal on one). I think that's the hard part of SMA; there is nothing you can be really be mad at or physically fight against... I guess the next best thing is something to hit. Sad, huh?

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