Monday, March 16, 2009


I love talk radio, but I was so frustrated with one of the hosts that was on earlier today here in Houston. I am a very conservative Republican. I believe I have high moral standards and try to do as much good in the world as I can. I am NOT a Christian. At this point in my life, I even question the existence of a higher power. The host today repeatedly talked about how you must be a Christian to be moral. That is not true. There are many good conservative people out there who are not Christians; there are also many Christians out there who do not have very high moral standards. The two are not mutually exclusive.

I'm just so sick of all the judgement in the the world. If you are a religious person, aren't you supposed to love your fellow man, not judge him? Why do you think people are turning away from religion? It is because they see you judging something they did, but then turning around and doing something equally as bad? Maybe if you would stop lashing out in hate against these so-called sinners, those "bad" people would be more willing to hear your message. Remember the GOLDEN RULE? Isn't that the key to Christianity? I don't see many people practicing that these days, that's for sure. I will have to say that one of my greatest friends here in Houston IS an example of what I think a true Christian person should be like. I have never met anyone as giving and caring, who tries to live like Jesus, and I hope others get to know and love her as much as I have over the years. I just hope she isn't too sad when reading my post today. If there were more Christians like her in this world, everyone would probably attend church!

I really think people practicing random acts of kindness or following a pay-it-forward type of system could bring major improvements in our country. We have lost our love for our fellow Americans. We step over the downtrodden instead of leaning down to pick them up; we walk around oblivious to anyone in need around us. Wake up, open your eyes, and maybe look for one person you can help today. Sometimes it doesn't take much to make someone have a better day; or go for big and try to change a life.

Okay...that's my rant for the day. The call-in show ended before I could call and argue, so I have to blog away my frustration. I'll probably regret this post in the morning, as I usually do when I get on my soapbox, but for now, there it is.

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Anonymous said...

I copmpletely agree. I once had a person say to me "I wish Shawn (a friend of ours) would go to church more" This was said by his mother-in-law. I asked her why and she said she thinks everyon need church to be a good person. I asked her if she thought I was a bad person and she said no. That is when I told her I did not go to church! She really did not know what to say!!