Friday, May 22, 2009

Yesterday was a day filled with much sadness. I found out two of my high school classmates passed away this week. It seems we are too young, but death knows no age. Last night one of the local furniture stores had a warehouse fire and the entire warehouse is a total loss. The owner is a Houston icon who is always jumping in to help out the local community and many families that are in need. He has an amazing story and is a great example of someone working hard to succeed. The world would be blessed to have more individuals like Mattress Mack. Another fire destroyed much of the Cleveland location of Pace Stancil Funeral Home. We have been to that location more times than I like to remember... we had the visitations of both of Jason's parents there a few years ago. The same funeral home also did Eli's funeral, but not that particular location. The director that helped us plan Eli's funeral does work at that location though. He was the nicest man and I will never forget his kindness on the day we had to go make the arrangements. He had helped us with arrangements for one of Jason's parents so he was a familiar face for us that day. I could tell he was really affected by our loss; when people who see death every day cry, well, that says something. I have been meaning to write him a letter of thanks and I will do that soon.

Finally, I found out my mamaw is back in the hospital. (for those non-country folk, mamaw = grandmother). It makes me sad to know how sick she is; that she struggles so much and doesn't remember people. She was like a second mom to me during my childhood. My heart also breaks for my dad.... I can't imagine how much it hurts him to see her like that. I cry for both her and him.

One positive note: I was given the first donation for Through Eli's Eyes today! It is not even official yet so we are already ahead of things. :o)

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Erin said...

I hope your mamaw gets better...I lost my mamaw after a freak accident 2 years ago on Mother's Day. I was really close to her like you are your Mamaw. I feel deeply for you.