Sunday, May 3, 2009


We are nearing our target number of recipes! I am really excited!! My friend Sara has worked her butt off getting submissions and entering them. I still have room for about 50, so if you haven't sent yours, do it soon! We need some cookie and candy recipes so if you have one that you love, please send it! Soups, salads, and veggie dishes could use a little love as well. I would LOVE a good chicken salad recipe if anyone has one to share; I love the kind with grapes and/or pineapple in it but can't seem to find anyone who makes one.

I am so excited that we might actually finish before June!

Thank you to everyone who has already sent in a recipe(s). They all look yummy and I'm sure I have gained weight just reading them. I think we are going to have a great variety of recipes for all types of cooks. We have recipes from all over the country, so be prepared to make some new dishes!


Lucy and Ethel said...

Wow - that's terrific! Guess I'd better get busy....


PS - I blogged last night about Healthy Friends, so maybe the team will gain a few losers from it :)

Anonymous said...

I am sending you the most delicious mint chocolate brownie recipe that my friend makes!


Anonymous said...

I don't have measurements, but you can play around with it, and I promise, it is the best ever...

Diced chicken (it was usually in pretty big pieces)
Mayo and sour cream, about a 3:1 ratio...maybe a bit more sour cream?
Chopped Pecans
Halved Red Grapes
Chopped Celery
Onion Powder ( bordering on a lot)

I used to make this in a restaurant, it was a top secret recipe. What they won't know, won't hurt them...:)
I made it in huge quantities, which is why I have no measurements for you. It was just the normal ratios, I guess. I never measured there either. Got that from my mom and grandma..!
It was the most popular chicken salad in this area for a long time and we were sworn to secrecy. Hey, it's been ten years, I can let it out now!