Thursday, May 14, 2009

It has been 5 months now since we lost our little guy. I feel like the last year is a total blur; I try to remember things and just draw a blank. That sometimes leads me to run to pictures, videos, the nursery in a panic to make sure he was really here, that he wasn't just a dream. There are no words in this world to describe the pain that we feel on a daily basis. My eyes hurt from crying some days. NOTHING offers relief. I can't imagine any greater torture than having to go on living with empty arms and a broken heart. Some days it seems like there is no point to life anymore, like we having nothing to look forward to, no reason to get out of bed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rita,

Thanks for you comment on my blog! I am glad you enjoy my photos. I am learning too, and it is a fun experience for me.

Thought I would check blog out too. I am so sorry about the loss of your son. Blessings to you in the midst of your grief, Kristin

Murphy's Law said...

You do have so much to get up for, Rita. You will one day see how much people do need you 'through Eli's eyes'

You will be very busy in coming weeks and months getting this all set up. Keeping busy will be very good for you.

LOVE the picture you posted. What a sweet little bundle of beauty and peace he was.