Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nothing new to post really. We took the crabs down to the children's hospital today, delivered some things to Ronald McDonald House, and went by the zoo. The zoo was sad for me today. There were so many children there...it made me miss Eli so much. We never got to take him to the zoo. :( Other than that, I've been working my butt off trying to get votes and support for the Chase Community Giving campaign over on Facebook. We are so close to earning $100,000 for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. We are currently 3000 votes behind, but if everyone will go vote and ask friends and family to vote, surely we can catch up. Please help us out.

Here is Victoria's latest post:

Incredible Support

There are so many exciting things happening surrounding this amazing campaign, growing our vote numbers and raising much needed awareness of SMA. We are truly inspired by every one of you for rolling up your sleeves and fighting for this with us, calling in favors, thinking outside of the box, and NOT GIVING UP. Every single vote is important and just when we think we've tapped out our friend base, another awesome boost happens. In the last few days, here are some of the cool endorsements GSF + SMA have received (forgive us if we forgot anyone, it is crazy around here):
  • Reigning four time Nascar Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson -- posted to his FB fan page
  • Comedian Dennis Miller -- posted to his FB fan page
  • Actress Candace Cameron Bure -- posted to her FB page + continues tweeting the link
  • Band Widespread Panic -- posted to their FB fan page + tweeted the link
  • [H]ouse Producing Director, Greg Yaitanes -- keeps tweeting link, even from the Golden Globes on Sunday night :)
  • Singer Elizabeth Mitchell + Little Bird Records -- gave us permission to use her beautiful song in our video, posted the video to her FB fan page, + sent out a newsletter to fans with link
  • Craigslist.com Founder, Craig Newmark -- tweeted the link
  • DomainNameNews.com Founder, Adam Strong (no relation) -- did blog post + tweeted
  • SocalTech.com Founder, Ben Kuo -- did blog post
  • NY Times Bestselling Author, Susan Wiggs -- did blog post
  • Actress Ali Sweeney -- tweeted the link
  • Author James Frey -- posted to his FB page
  • Twilight fansite, HisGoldenEyes.com -- did blog post, keeps tweeting the link, + put button on their site
  • Smart Mouths -- did blog post, FB fan page, tweet, + podcast
  • PEP -- sent out letter to all parents ever involved in this parent support group, posted to FB fan page + keep tweeting link
  • Alpha Chi Omega -- posted to website, FB fan page + keep tweeting link
  • BabyCenter.com -- tweeted link
  • Clear Channel Radio -- interviewed SMA mom Brandi Meyer + posted to website
  • Santa Cruz Sentinel -- published newspaper story
  • Santa Barbara KEYT ran story on 11pm news + KLITE radio will do something tomorrow
  • Dozens + dozens of moms have blogged, posted video + link, Facebooked + tweeted
Incredible right? And the biggest thing of all has been the thousands and thousands of you who have gone the extra mile for us...for SMA! We can not thank you enough. Let's keep at it and keep this list growing!

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