Thursday, August 20, 2009


Our computer crashed and we had issues finding some of our pictures from November and December...horrible considering that was the only Christmas we'd get with Eli. I was happy to log in to my Kodak Gallery tonight and see they had an option to download the high resolution version of any pictures that had been uploaded to their website. I am so thankful I had uploaded all of Eli's we have these back, safe and sound. I am going to write Kodak a HUGE letter of thanks. I'm going to bed in tears after looking at so many pictures of my beautiful son, but I'm happy knowing I know have his pictures back.

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Lucy and Ethel said...

WHEW. I'm so glad you didn't lose the pictures!!!

While we didn't have a digital camera with Jeffrey, I have kept every picture of him (Matthew and Katie, too), no matter how blurry or chopped off it is.

I can certainly understand your plans for a letter to Kodak!!!

Cheers from NC -