Thursday, August 20, 2009

Please help....

You know, I come here and post all the time asking for help with this or that, but tonight I come here begging, pleading for your help. I know there are quite a few of you out there who still read and check up on us and I'm hoping our story, our Eli have had enough of an effect that you would be willing to do a little to help our cause. The Unite for the Cure campaign is the first hope I've had that we could actually see an end to SMA. How sad would it be to have the possible cure out there but it not be tested for lack of funding? How would you feel if you were the Gaynors, working your butts off to raise money to help fund it in hopes that your daughter might be one of the first babies in the trial...and then it be cancelled because not enough money was available to make it happen? Please, please, PLEASE consider helping... even if it is just $5, please.

You would think it wouldn't be so important to me, seeing as how we've already lost Eli and there's really nothing in it for us. That is so not the case. I hurt every single time I hear about another baby being diagnosed. I cry with the moms who have lost their babies on the birthdays they should be celebrating. I cry for days when I found out another baby has died. Why? because I know the hell the parents are/will be going through. I live it every single day of my life. A cure is the only way to make it make me stop having to live death over and over again. Please help. I don't even care if it is a dollar. Do it for Gwendolyn, Sophia, and all the other babies that still have a chance.

It is easy to donate. You can go to the FSMA website and donate by credit/debit card. If you do this, please make sure to write Beasley-Wright in the comments section so we know you are doing it out of love for us. You can also mail checks to:

Unite For The Cure
c/o Gwendolyn Strong Foundation
27 W. Anapamu Street, #177
Santa Barbara, California 93101

Please make checks payable to “Families of SMA” and be sure to write “Unite For The Cure/Family name” in the MEMO on the check; for example “Unite for the Cure/Beasley-Wright"

Be part of it with us. You have until the end of November....start a change jar on your counter, skip a trip to Starbucks, take your lunch one day...just a little thing now and then and see what you can save up in these next few months. Help us END SMA!

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