Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project 365: Day 5 New Endeavors

The ladies at Merry-Go-Round over in Kingwood have been amazing to me since day 1.   Suzanne entered our lives when Eli was less than a week old and is still active in helping with the fight against SMA.     I'm sure many of you have now seen the Hope Calendar that is raising money for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation; Suzanne was the person who nominated GSF in honor of Eli.   Angela is another great friend that works at the store.   She has ordered the linking crabs for us at a discount for the past two years so that we are able to donate a large quantity to the local children's hospital.    If those two ladies aren't enough, then we have Kim, who organized the memorial walk the first year and made all the signs and provided water this past year.    I could write another novel on all that my friend Sara does; she probably does more for SMA awareness than I ever could.   That store is just full of support and love!

Anyway, back to the picture and story that goes along with it...   Tomorrow I am taking over some of my craft projects to set up as a vendor in the store!   We already sell cards there to raise money for the foundation, but they actually thought my other work was good enough to sell too!   I will post more things as I make them and hopefully a picture of my display once we get it all set up.   I'm super excited about this new path for my hobby!   I am also considering doing a shop on Etsy, so stay tuned!

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