Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time for another vote!

Another way to help raise money for SMA!   With another vote, you can add $5,000 more to the effort.      You can also post it to your Facebook page after you vote so your friends who supported us in the Chase campaign can jump in and help out once again!  

Here is the post from Gwendolyn's blog (and Victoria, you are a hero!):  

I'm no hero. No more so than any parent fighting for their child. But, if I win the "Hero Next Door" contest, that means $5,000 more for SMA research and awareness. And so, I am asking for your vote once again.

Care2 -- the company who hosts our, who has been incredibly supportive of our cause, and who we simply love -- has teamed up with Tom's of Maine to create the Hero Next Door contest -- every day people doing more. We were nominated, along with dozens of others, and here is the neat thing -- we made it to the top 10 finalists! Now this is where you come in...

Here is the breakdown:
  • Voting ends February 26th.
  • You can only vote ONCE.
  • The person with the most votes wins $2,500 for their charity and $2,500 for themselves -- which, in my case, would obviously go directly to research and awareness because there is nothing more important! So that's $5,000 for SMA -- all with a simple vote.
  • Technically only one person can win and so "Victoria" is the name you see, but the nomination is clearly for all of us -- including Gwendolyn.
How to vote:
  1. Go to: Hero Next Door
  2. Click on Vote for Victoria. (It is the green button at the bottom of the page.)
  3. Fill out the form (name, birthday, email and zip code).
  4. Click on the animal picture (to help stop spammers).
  5. And then hit "Vote" and that is it.
  6. You will see a big "Thanks for voting for Victoria Strong" to let you know your vote went through.
  7. Since you can only vote once, help spread the word by also using the "Tell a Friend" features on Facebook, email and Twitter by clicking on the icons on the right.
And again, all $5,000 will go to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation to support SMA research and awareness! Thanks for once again supporting us and getting your voting skills out! We are all becoming pros :)
-Please take 30 seconds to go to to sign our petition to end SMA

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Murphy's Law said...

I know you won't mind that I'm stealing this post, word for word, to put on my blog. Thank you for being a voice, Rita!

I still drop at least a dollar into the Ronald McDonald house collection bucket every time I go to McDonalds. And I think of Eli every single time. <3