Monday, February 22, 2010

All Good Things...

..must come to an end, right?   I must say yes on that one. I had a great week last week.   I had tons of energy, got so much cleaning done, and even ventured out and had my hair cut and colored (it had been 18 months since I did that!).   This week has started off on a bad note and I feel like last week was just a fluke.    Jason and I have both been in a crabby mood today.    We did get out today and managed to have a nice lunch and do most of the grocery shopping for the week.   I teared up a little at the restaurant and then a lot at Target.  The cereal aisle was the breaking point for me.  There was a family there and the kids were saying the funniest/cutest things and it just broke my heart.    They reminded me of what I'm missing out on.   Jason is always a great comforter and I'm thankful when he's with me during those times.  

I don't know what are plans are for the rest of the week.    The news is getting all crazy and saying we might have some snow tomorrow, but we'll see.   It is going to be cold for the rest of week so I'm glad we bought all the ingredients to make up some soups for the week!

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