Friday, February 5, 2010

I am so pissed off tonight.   I know I shouldn't watch the news and tonight I regret turning it on.   A "mother" was just arrested for starving her disabled nine year old daughter to death.   She had a feeding tube, but only weighed 15.5 pounds when she died.  To make it all worse, this woman has 10 kids.  TEN FUCKING KIDS.  

In the meantime, four children have died of SMA this week.   Four very wanted, very loved kids.   Four sets of parents are heartbroken because they could do nothing to save their precious child.

Don't ever ask me why I don't believe in your god.  

*I got back up to edit this because I figure it will probably offend some people.   I am leaving it because it is MY blog after all.  I write as a form of therapy; it helps get out all the emotions and makes things more manageable for me and my head.   My life isn't puppies and rainbows...I wish it was, but this is my reality.  Besides, I am saving money by writing and not breaking everything in the house.   It is tempting to smash everything in sight, but I try another approach first...sorry for the language, but mad isn't pretty.


caitsmom said...

((((hugs))) I share your anger and outrage. Peace to you. Wishing the world were different; and people more loving.

Murphy's Law said...

It is maddening Rita. I came across 2 stories today that made me feel ill too. I don't know why there is so much injustice in the world. You can only focus on yourself and know that you were the best mother you could have been. Eli only knew love in his short life. Every day I hope for you (and for so many others) that you will get the chance to love that much again.

Love you.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right Rita! Don't apologize for writing how you feel on YOUR blog. If people get offended--too bad for them! We come to your blog to see how you are doing and we don't want you to have to edit anything to please anyone. You are definitely not alone with your outrage at how unfair the world seems to be.

Bekka said...

We struggled to get pregnant with Oliver for so, so long. I was a retail store manager and kept having PT employees get pregnant. I was so furious. They weren't ready financially to have babies. They weren't ready emotionally to have babies. And yet they kept on having them.
I feel the same anger that you do when I see a story on the news like that. Or the "mom" and "dad" out here that slept while their pit bull puppy gnawed the toes off of their 4 month old son.
Life is SO unfair at times.