Friday, February 19, 2010

I started watching 16 and Pregnant on MTV before we lost Eli, but man is it hard to see now.   The first episode of the new season came on this week and it was one of the worst ever.   From what I read online, the girl continued to smoke pot during her pregnancy.   She was much like Farrah from last season, more interested in going out and partying, but much, much worse.   A few weeks in she was leaving the baby with her mom and going out and staying out most of the night.

A few things I saw/heard that shocked me:
1.  "I can't wait for Jace to start daycare".  Ugh.   I never saw myself as a stay-at-home mom, but there was no way I could have NOT been one.   The thought of leaving Eli with strangers was too scary for me...I knew from the moment we saw the positive result on the test that I couldn't leave him.     Most women are sad at the idea of daycare but find it necessary; to be excited about it is a bit messed up.  

2.  None of these girls seem interested in breastfeeding.   I've read a lot lately on breastfeeding and apparently it is mainly something that intelligent middle-class women from the suburbs do.   How sad is that?   Sad that the people who can afford to buy the formula are the ones not using it, while those who should be doing it are depending on the government to buy their baby's food.   I honestly thought my world had ended when I finally gave up trying to do it.   I wish my doctor had told me that my PCOS could cause a low to non-existent supply.  :(     It is the most amazing bonding experience and I feel sorry for the people who refuse to even try it.  

3.  Screaming and arguing:   That's all the mom and daughter do in front of the little guy. Sad.  

4.  "I need time for myself"  or when I'm out partying, "I'm making time for myself".  Ummm...yeah.  Probably should have thought about that before.    We all need a little time for ourselves, but you can't go to school all day and then party all night.

5. When your friends are having to tell you that you suck as a mom, you might need to reevaluate what you are doing.  

6.  "It's like being in prison".   How heartbreaking is that?  I'd gladly take that sentence.   I would hate what she'd say if her mom wasn't taking care of him 75% of the time.   He'd probably be shaken or beat.

It's just sad to see such a cute little baby have such a rough start in life.   It seems like she doesn't even want him.   She did say she wasn't ready to be a mom, but well, it is too late.  Her poor mom is now stuck raising a baby when she should have been close to being done.  

I think it would be hard to have a daughter in these times.   I know girls have been getting pregnant forever, but it seems so much more common now days and at younger ages.   I've heard about some of the things going on in middle schools and it is terrifying!    I would hope if I ever had a daughter I could build an open and honest relationship, one where we could talk about birth control and pregnancy.   I would hate to learn my daughter was having sex at the same time she was telling me she was pregnant.    It is a different time than the one we grew up in and attitudes and actions have to change to reflect that.   Putting blinders on and pretending there is no way your precious angel would be having sex at 12 is just not going to work anymore.  Sad, but true.  

That's my parenting lesson for the day.  :)  

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Lucy and Ethel said...

One of Katie's high school classmates had her FOURTH baby recently. Katie's 20, so the other girl is no older than 21.

The 'mother' was just arrested with a 'friend?' for breaking into local churches and stealing instruments and sound equipment.

There's a TV reality show about teen mothers now? I can only imagine how that is....