Friday, September 25, 2009

Looks like the insomnia is back again. I think the stores putting all the holiday merchandise out so early is really getting to me. Jason and I both stayed in a lot this week and seemed to struggle more than usual. Funny how you have a good day and then follow it up with a bad week. We both miss our boy so much. I have new flowers for his grave, but I can't bring myself to go out there. I know I can't handle it right now. I've been out there plenty in the past, but for some reason, I can't go right now.

I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed by the month of October and it hasn't even arrived. I have another class that meets on Thursday nights, my normal Saturday class, a cardmaking class, a party to throw, and 2 bake sales. On top of that, I need to study for the content test I have to take soon for the teaching program. You would think with all that going on I'd be staying busy, but I'm not. I just sit and stare at the computer or TV. My motivation is ZERO right now. I hope I can get all of my baking done on Saturday for the sale we are doing on Sunday. Wish me luck...or at least some good friends who will rescue me from the blahs.

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