Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This was the view from the living room window of our suite.  It was such a relaxing was our 3rd trip up there and I can't wait to go again.   I always leave feeling rested and pampered.  Our room was beautiful and the bathroom was AMAZING.   I fell in love with the heated tile floor in the bathroom.  It was my favorite part, while Jason liked the steam shower with the waterfall showerhead and body jets.
I was so happy that the bedroom area was decorated in two of my favorite colors!
The zoo in Ft. Worth was great!   We spent 5 hours there yesterday and took lots of pics.   I was so excited to see so many animals I'd never got to see before, including a kangaroo!
Another picture from the zoo.   If you want to see all the pictures from our vacation, I hope this link will work so you can see all 130ish of them!
We had a blast at Fossil Rim today.  We had so many zebra and giraffe heads in the truck with us!   It was so cool to be able to touch them!    It is one of my favorite spots and I could go every week!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for shareing the pictures with everyone. But you know my favorite of course is the giraffes.The trip to the zoo was so much fun.I hope that will be a trip like olive garden lunch we share together. Those are the times you never forget. With all my love Mom