Sunday, March 7, 2010


I saw this on PostSecret today.   I hope I never feel like that.  :(    I wish I could give this person a hug though.   It sucks when nobody understands.   I don't think I could have handled the last 14 months without the help of my friends on Facebook.    They DO understand.   As much as my friends or family try and are there for me, they don't totally understand than pain...and for that, I'm grateful.  

I love that people have an outlet to share secrets.   I'll never forget seeing this when we got home with Eli after his diagnosis.  I knew I wasn't alone in the world.


Murphy's Law said...

That first one is so so heartbreaking, Rita. I think I have felt that way in the past, though I no longer do. But sometimes I wish I could just SHAKE people for the things they have said or the things they have done. But even then they could never understand. And I hope they never have to.

Lots of love to you, my sister.

KathyWild said...

Let me introduce myself, I am Kathy Wild, Becket Wild's grandmother. I have followed your blog, from the begining. I have prayed, donated, and loved you guys throughout your struggle. I have never commented before, but I just want you to know that, I can never understand your pain and heartache as you have felt it, but in my own space as a mother and a grandmother, I feel every struggle that you have had. You will remian in my prayers each and every day. Just know there that there are many like me, who are pulling hard for you and know that some day you will know peace and will have wonderful memories that you cherish of the wonderfull little boy. I do love you and will help by voting, buying, donating whatever I can from Louisville Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know how else to reach you. I'm from the MSN board. One of the women on the board (Jobysgirl) just lost her 3 month old son to myopathy (a type of muscular dystrophy?). They had just taken him home from the NICU and he got pneumonia and never recovered. Anyway, I thought of you and little Eli and wondered if you would be interested in contacting her. Thanks.