Sunday, December 2, 2007

Baking with the Girls

It's wayyy too early to be up on a Sunday morning, but I crashed so early last night that I got my sleep in and just can't stay in bed any longer. I had such a great day yesterday hanging out and baking with my wonderful ladies! We started at 10am and finished a little after 5. Is that crazy or what? We had so many goodies when we finished! Jason took me out to dinner afterwards because I just could not stomach the idea of cooking anything else. :) I had a great dinner of steak, salad, and mashed potatoes. YUM! I'm very proud to say that out of all that butter and sugar madness yesterday, I only ate half of one of the bars I made. I have a huge weakness for S'mores, so I had to have a little taste of that one. (Did I mention we even have S'mores ornaments on our tree? I love those little guys and that was what we decided to make our yearly new ornament!)

Here are some pics of all our hardwork yesterday! Don't drool on yourself!

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