Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holidays at Home

Well, we survived the long driving trip to and from Kentucky! It was a nice trip and I got to see lots of family that I hadn't been able to see in years now! It was a cryfest though. First, one of my gifts from my mamaw was a jar of buttons. During my childhood, my mamaw always had a big tin of buttons in her cabinet and I loved getting them down and looking through them and playing with them. Mom found that old tin and filled a jar with them as part of my Christmas present. Wow! That was amazing! Those things are over 30 years old! Next, my mom passed along the word that I was really wanting a vintage apron. I had looked for one during my mom's visit back in October, but never found one I loved. Well... My granny made me one using an old dress that she used to wear to work. It was awesome! I felt like all I did was cry!

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