Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Fundraiser!

We have another fundraiser starting up! This one is great because everyone across the country can be a part of it! Vicki is a great lady that has donated her time and efforts to several of the things we have already done here locally. She is a lady of many talents, including making amazing candles. She donated a $1 from the sale of each one at the Mom's Night Out event on Friday night. She approached me asking if we'd be interested in hosting a party for Tastefully Simple as another fundraiser. Well, it is now set up and ready to go! She will be donating 15% of her profits from the party to our efforts to find a cure for SMA. All the hostess gifts earned will be raffled off once the party closes out.

If you would like to order, you can visit the website and shop. It will ask you before you finish if your purchase is for for a host/event. You should be able to put my name (Rita Wright in TX) in there and we will get credit! It ships directly to your house a few days after you order it. Just be sure you order early so it will get there in time for the holidays. I already have my eye on a few things for our Christmas Eve appetizer night.

Vicki is an awesome lady who never stops finding ways to help others and I am honored she is doing yet another thing to help our cause.

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