Thursday, October 22, 2009

Few more pics from the arboretum

These were all taken with our Canon Rebel XSi. I LOVE it. I am still waiting to take a class on how to REALLY use it and I'd love to learn how to do some editing too. Jason and I hope to make it our common hobby at some point. We do enjoy going and taking pictures together so for now, that's enough.


Lucy and Ethel said...

Does Jason have his OWN camera?!?!?

Beautiful pictures!


Rita said...

Nope...we have to share. Maybe if we ever win the lottery we can both have one! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am a MSN board mommy and am touched by your story and your beautiful boy Eli. I want to help you reach your donation goal. Is there a way I can specifically donate in Eli's memory and for your goal (the little ticker on your blog)? I am probably missing something simple.

Also, I wanted to thank you and your son for teaching me what is truly important in life. I will go home today and love on my little girl and be thinking of Eli. THANK YOU.