Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Baby Present!

The little one received his/her first gift this week, a very cute stuffed horse! The picture is a little dark, but it is such an adorable animal! Thank to Ms. Juanita on my van pool!
I'm feeling a little better this week, but still really tired. It must take a lot of energy to grow a baby because I'm worn out! It's a struggle to stay awake past 8 o'clock now. Jason has been a sweetie and will sometimes go crash with me so I'm not all alone. We went out for Mexican food last night and it was YUM! I haven't had fajitas in a long time and boy were these good! I'm not sure what we'll get into this weekend. I need to actually plan out a menu for the week and go shopping! That's the next thing on my list for this morning, after breakfast of course! There's a garage sale with baby stuff going on across the street, but I still think it might be early to buy anything, so I'll hold off. I've been looking at bedding and cribs and all that fun stuff, but I keep finding more and more I like so it's hard to choose! If it's a boy, he will definitely have an Astros room. I just hope he'll like baseball as much as I do! I hate to do pink for a girl, so I'll probably either go with purple, or at least brown and pink together.
That's enough of my rambling. I need to go be productive while I'm actually awake!

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