Friday, May 27, 2011

Isn't it lovely?   It was made by a truly special lady who I have really come to love.    She started out as my department manager, but quickly became like a sister to me.     I have made some great friends at my current job and giving my notice last week was a little bittersweet.   It is almost like leaving family.    Today they had me crying a ton.   Next Friday is my official last day, but they decided to do a little "we'll miss you" day today since everyone was there.   First I got this beautiful bracelet from Deanna.   Not only did she use a dragonfly, but she also incorporated the colors for August.   It is a beautiful tribute to my Eli and I will treasure it always.   After that, they had a HUGE lunch buffet!   They all pitched in and we had sandwiches, chips (including my favorite, barbecue), cookies, fruit, and drinks.   It was quite a spread and their thoughtfulness touched my heart so much.    I am going to cry again just thinking about it.    I will miss them so much, but I felt like my time there was over.   It was a wonderful transition back to work for me, but I was getting too comfortable and needed to move on to pursue other opportunities.    I am just so thankful for all the friends I made there; they came to me at a point that I really needed them and for that they will never be forgotten.  

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