Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eli's Quilt

We received Eli's quilt from Cole's Quilts this week.   If you haven't read about the quilts, go check our their website.  (if you cross-stitch, please consider volunteering!)  It is something we will be able to treasure forever.   Two of the squares are extra special because they were made by members of my SMA family.   The 3 giraffes in the car was done by MJ and Brenda.   If you've been a frequent reader of my blog, you should know all about MJ by now, but if not, you should spend a little time reading her story.   She is one of the most amazing people I've "met" and I hope I can give her a huge hug in person one day.  
Another square was made by my fellow SMA mom, Marla.   Marla lost her son Jay to SMA and has been one of the people I've come to lean on because she gets it.   I hope to make it up her way to visit her one day and get some cuddles from her amazing twins who are SMA free!   She made the Through Eli's Eyes square  for the quilt and I love it.   It is so nice to have the foundation name on there.
Here are some close ups of the other squares on the quilt.  I'll try to post better pictures when I have someone around to hold it up or when we figure out where to hang it.   I'm trying not to lay down and cry on it, but it is hard...    I sure miss that boy of mine.  


Lucy and Ethel said...

How cute!!! I'm so glad you have it, and I'm glad Marla thought to do the foundation's name.

Eli is surely beaming :)


Murphy's Law said...

It's so beautiful Rita! I know the pictures probably don't even do it justice. That's how I felt about ours, which still hangs in "Marshall's" room (which is now Anders' room). Those stitchers are amazing.

Lovely quilt.

mom said...

precious, precious
No words could ever decribe. What that means to you and jason. It's beautiful just like our little one. With love Dad and mom

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!


Lori Burkitt said...

This is a beautiful idea. I'm sure it is one you'll cherish forever. I, too, lost a beloved son. My son, Evan, passed when he was four months old. That was a little over 16 years ago. I still miss him every day. God bless you and your family. My heart and prayers go out to you.

Lori Burkitt